Top 5 Lead Generation Tips For SME's | B2B Marketing Agency – Kent
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Lead generation is a central part of any marketing strategy, it can be particularly crucial for small and medium businesses looking to increase their client base and ultimately generate more sales. Unsurprisingly, much of today’s lead generation happens online.

As with any area of small and medium business marketing, your lead generation strategy will very much depend upon the size and structure of your business, as well as your sector and budget – there is no proven, one-size-fits-all approach.

That said, there are a number of hints and tips that will help you to ensure that your strategy is as effective and successful as possible. So, here are our top five lead generation tips for SMEs:


Every piece of content that you publish should be relevant, valuable and focused – it’s about quality, not quantity.

Whether it’s being published via blog, email, social media, or website, all of your online content needs to be of a high standard – it needs to be something that people want to read, share, and engage with.

When producing content, try to remember the following…


With so much information available online, it’s crucial that your titles and headlines are attention grabbing – how else will you lure your audience in?


Keep your language clear, simple and, most importantly, tailored to your target audience. Remember, this is supposed to be engaging content not a sales pitch, so no sales and marketing language!


It sometimes seems that social media has taken over every aspect of our lives – everywhere you turn there’s someone tweeting, posting, sharing, and liking.

In turn, social media marketing is becoming increasingly important in lead generation. Successfully generating leads via social media does, however, depend heavily upon quality content.

It’s no good simply shouting your key messages at your audience via your social media platforms, you need to engage them in valuable, engaging conversation.


Word of mouth marketing remains one of the most effective methods of generating leads.

Existing and former clients have always been a great way of spreading the word about your business and generating new business, but with social and online media, they are now able to spread the word much further and at an increasingly rapid rate.

Encourage your clients to spread the word and recommend you by interacting and engaging with them via your social media platforms.


Once you have created your great online content, it would be a shame to waste it!

To ensure that as many people see and read your content as possible, create an opt-in newsletter that will allow you to distribute your content directly to the inboxes of those who have signed up. (The opt-in part is very important, the last thing you want is to be seen to be spamming!).

Make sure that your content is always within reach of your target audience. If the same person sees it twice, via two different platforms, great! After all, not everyone will be ready to act after the first encounter.


Blogging increases your outreach and engagement, in fact, it has recently been reported that brands that blog at least 6-8 times each month double their lead volume.

So, why limit your use of blogs to your own company blog? By identifying a number of key, niche blogs that are read by your key audience, you can then use them to generate leads.

Simply produce some high quality article content that matches their house style, and pay them to post it on their site. This approach is far more credible, effective and valuable than online advertising, as well as less intrusive.