Tips To Grow Your Contact Database | B2B Marketing Agency – Kent
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Us marketers love data! Be it website statistics, campaign results or a beautiful contact database… we can’t get enough of the stuff. So here’s a few simple techniques to employ on your website to grow your contact database.

The importance of a large, targeted, responsive email list is lost to some, but the ability to communicate with your customers and prospects in a timely effective manner is paramount and this data allows you to do this. Be it email, direct or telephone marketing a well built contact database can help any business grow and is an essential part of anyones marketing mix.

Below are some techniques we recommend for implementing on your website:

1. Give your web visitors the opportunity to subscribe at every opportunity

Whether a visitor has visited your blog or homepage, give them an opportunity to subscribe to your blog feed or email newsletters where ever you can… of course without ruining the design of your site.

2. Add a non-annoying pop up form

This suggestion may be controversial to some, but sign up forms in pop ups are a proven way of registering new subscribers. Make sure the pop up is direct and does not require the visitor to complete an action to get rid of it.

3. Produce content that provides real value to your website visitors

The power of good quality content is evident, give your visitors something that they will get real value from, including tips, tricks, industry news and articles that are well written and engaging and you are sure to get an increase in sign ups.

4. Create a strong incentive to subscribe

We all like something for free and that’s no different for your website visitors. Give your visitors something in return for them subscribing to your list such as a whitepaper or infographic.

Just remember to make sure that whatever method you use to build your subscriber list and contact database, you get all the information required to make those contacts beneficial – including name, email and an appropriate way of segmenting them for future contact (e.g. industry sector or demographic).