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Use and exploration of social media platforms by businesses of all sizes is at an all-time high. Businesses today, including many small and medium businesses, are keenly involved in the development of social media strategies to facilitate their growth and rightly so as this developing platform is a rich source of new marketing and new business opportunities.

According to recent research, about 93% of marketers use the social media platform to connect and engage with customers. On the basis of collected data and stats, it is suggested that the impact and importance of social media is only going to increase with time. Hence, if a firm does not use social media it may miss out on the opportunity to capture the attention of its target audience. Devising a social media strategy does not only mean keeping customers up to date about new products or promotions through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but it also includes engagement and interaction with your target audience, making sure they repeatedly visit the page.

Social media help organisations to get valuable insights and feedback from the customers, which can help these improve their products and services. With Facebook and Instagram offering places for ads in the newsfeed, many businesses also find it worthwhile to use this and reach out to customers. However, if customers are not interacting with the business through their social media pages this means that the social media strategy they are using is not as effective as it could be.

Here are a few points that businesses may consider to make their social media strategy a success.


Businesses may consider investing in getting their social media pages designed perfectly. An attractive design is what is going to capture audiences’ attention. Therefore, formatting an aesthetically designed social media page that is appealing to your target audience will lead to a longer two-way interaction.


The content of the page must be free of errors and should make the page standout. The visuals added must grasp attention of the viewer and the customer services on these pages must be excellent. Engaging content with an attractive and unique design is more likely to capture the attention of the audience.


It is also important to keep the audience engaged by updating posts and messages on your social media pages and keeping the users informed of your promotions, news and any other updates. Ensure to post fresh and new content on your social media pages regularly to retain your existing consumers and attract more prospective consumers.


Also, replying to questions from clients or prospects on social media regularly can help a company enhance its reputation and earn you more consumer loyalty and trust.


Posting or publishing posts can really help gain audience’s attention. Businesses’ can also proceed to placing sponsored ads on Facebook or Instagram to attract audience, to like or follow its page.

Engagement with the audience through social media can pave way to the formation of well-informed consumer segments and can help promote a company’s products or services. Social media can help a business increase its market share and its use of the platform for promotional activities is considerably cheaper and more efficient when compared to above-the-line advertising.