Marketing Tips & Tricks: Mobile Marketing For SME's | B2B Marketing Agency – Kent
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Today, mobile marketing is bigger than ever and it is simply everywhere! It has turned out to be one of the most dominant forces in the arena of internet marketing and eCommerce. However, despite the growing influence of mobile marketing and internet use, many SMEs have not really benefitted from the opportunities and advantages that it offers. Ranging from responsive website design to in-app advertising, mobile marketing has grown in every direction and continues to become a leading force in the marketing field.

Internet traffic through mobile devices is at an all-time high and if SMEs intend to capture the pulse of the market, they must realise the importance of having a mobile website. They also need to bring into use all the available tools of mobile marketing to attract and retain more consumers.

However, it is a fact that amid growing competition and integration of regional and global markets, SMEs might have a struggle to cope with the challenges of mobile marketing. To help SMEs get a better idea about how they may develop their marketing strategies and effectively compete in the expanding market place, we present some relevant mobile marketing tips. These tips will help SMEs understand the working and importance of mobile marketing tools like in-app advertising, responsive website designs and mobile websites.


Whether you are interested in using in-app advertising to market your products or services or you want to benefit from a responsive website design, creating a buzz is a marketing basic that you need to consider each time. Numerous new apps and mobile websites are introduced every day. This means increased competition for SMEs to get noticed by their target consumers. This highlights the importance of creating a buzz around your products and services and you may do so through:


Research is the key to gain success in mobile marketing, particularly for SMEs. Before forming a marketing strategy you need to analyse and study your competitors and the target audience.


If you are interested in having a mobile website or responsive website design to market your business, SEO may not be an unfamiliar term for you. The apps’ equivalent of SEO is ASO, which can be useful in in-app advertising. SMEs, in order to successfully market their products and services through mobile marketing, need to use all the available resources of SEO and ASO to increase the ranking of their apps and websites in app store and search results respectively. Mastering the art of SEO and ASO, you can be a leader in mobile marketing.


This can be of particular help in in-app advertising. Publish a press release to announce the launch of your app to increase the interest of your audience in your app and increase the number of app users.


If you are running a small or medium sized business and are unaware of the marketing opportunities and benefits of social media, then you need seriously reconsider your marketing strategy. Social media can be helpful in all areas of mobile marketing, including in-app advertising and promoting your mobile websites. Through social media you can make your marketing content go viral and increase your market influence.