The Importance of Social Media for B2B | B2B Marketing Agency – Kent
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In the first of our Marketing tips & tricks blogs, we thought we would share a little bit of insight into the importance of social media in any business to business marketing strategy… therefore we’ll start with illustrating the influence social media marketing can have on improving your online visibility.

Gone are the days when you could rely on improving your website to drive new traffic and potential customers. For a time we were all concentrated on making sure that our websites were optimised for the latest Google algorithm and that the design, structure and content of the site were pleasing for visitors which would ultimately convert into new customers. Its not to say that both of these factors are crucial in the management & future development of your website, but its also important to understand that Googles algorithms (essentially the clever code that determines which website ranks higher than others for any given search term) have developed considerably and our own online behaviours have also adapted, meaning that other channels are now playing a considerable part in how visible websites are today.

Let’s start with the all important Google algorithm. Google adapts and amends its algorithm on an almost constant basis but there have been several considerable algorithm updates over the past couple of years that have ultimately adjusted all online marketing strategies (or at least should have done!). Perhaps you have heard of the terms, Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird – all of which have been systematic changes to Googles algorithm aimed at improving the results its search engine provides its customers. For the purpose of this blog post, the update we are concerned with is Penguin – designed specifically to combat whats known in the industry as “black hat seo tactics”, which translates as naughty practices to improve your search engine ranking. Predominantly this update was focussed on sites with a dubious back link profile (artificial links coming into your site from poor, unrelated websites), but what it also did was increase the potential Social Media could play in your online strategy by allowing companies who were interacting with its customers via these channels, to encourage their customers in turn to share their content (including links back to their websites) with their friends, colleagues and associates and thus creating a multitude of relevant links and social signals that Google picked up on.

Now, onto consumer & visitor behaviour – after all this is ultimately the aspect that we all care about most… how, why and when are our prospects, clients, customers and partners interacting with us online? Although we all want to drive our customers to our website immediately and control the sales funnel within our own domain, its clear that not all like to be approached in this way – including business customers. Often research into a business starts on a social level, after all business clients and human to, which is why your social media networks need to be relevant and appropriate for your brand message, proposition and positioning. Each network has its uses, target users and potential for B2B marketing, but ultimately as a business you want to start the interaction with new prospects in a way that they will ultimately encourage them to interact with your business in a professional sense… but there is no harm in personalising your business and in turn improving your SEO along the way!

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